Andy Ziegler

In his second year at LWS, Andy Ziegler will be managing the kitchen and starting the new Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP).  Andy began his cooking career in Madison, WI at L’etoile, a classical French restaurant.  Throughout his 15 years in the restaurant industry, Andy has cooked and studied in both France and Italy.  He has helped open four restaurants, including Nostrano in Madison, WI and the Laundry, in Steamboat Springs.  He also spent 3 years studying and becoming a Sushi chef.

Andy’s food history is extensive, and he is equally versed in areas of agriculture and sustainability.  He grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin where he learned about not only planting and farming, but also about the larger picture of a symbiotic ecosystem from his parents, who worked as a horticulturist and master gardner and a landscape architect. Andy’s passion for growing and innovating stemmed from his family roots, and he has been able to apply principles from the family farm to SAP at LWS.  Andy tries to balance his love for cooking and growing with being an outdoor enthusiast.  In his free time, he likes: hiking; biking; boating; fishing; climbing; skiing; hockey; and cooking in the backcountry.